Before I Knew You

With so much in the news about abortion rights, both pro and con, we look back at our blog of June 2016 when, coincidentally, we wrote about the mission of Columbus-based non-profits that promote a culture of protecting innocent human life from conception to natural death. Find our June 2016 blog here.

Fast forward six years to June 2022. There have been some changes —not in moral conscience; we remain faithful to the defense of life— but where the Columbus locations are actively saving lives and where you may want support your pro-life charitable giving. 

The Greater Columbus Right to Life Foundation operates today in eight counties and focuses on a full scope of life issues such as ending abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide. There are ten Columbus-based pregnancy centers.

The Greater Columbus Right to Life community benefits from our support both materially and financially in many ways, but we suggest a legacy gift as part of any overall financial planning. We work with estate planners, financial advisors, accountants and attorneys to enable the “support of life” to be meaningful and sustaining. We are willing for share our vast knowledge of transformational giving with our nonprofit partners, foundations, and funders throughout the Columbus area. It is the large transformational gifts needed for long-term protection of the unborn that bring about the greatest results, but for both the giver and receiver can also be more complex.

Bequests can be as simple as placing a paragraph of instructions in a will, or adding a specific charity to an IRA or life insurance policy. Family foundations allow donors to keep their gifted capital intact while they make smaller annual charitable distributions.

Should you consider the Greater Columbus Right to Life, we hope that you will look to the Stewardship Foundation to lead the conversation.