We Can Build It

Hands lifting a globeListening to the string of speeches during the Republican National Convention, what caught my attention was the frequent use of the phrase “We Built It” – a fairly obvious emphasis of the perceived differences between Republicans and Democrats. However, being who I am, instead of meditating on contrasting policies and political positions, I thought of you. When I see or hear the phrase “we built it,” I think of our investors and donors. Why?

Indeed you have built many important “its” in your lifetime. You built families, businesses, values, and your legacy. Every donor has a story not just about what was “built,” but also about the continual restoration, rebuilding, and remodeling that was critical to build, grow and safeguard your important “it” in its present state. So ask yourself, whom would you entrust to build up your family? Who do you trust to guide and manage your business? Who must develop your personal and family values and safeguard your legacy?
No one will work as hard or as passionately to protect and defend what you have built in your lifetime.

At the Stewardship Foundation, we understand your passion and that is why we continue to partner with you as you continue to build the legacy you and your family deserve. As always, never hesitate to contact us at the Stewardship Foundation so we can help you “Build It.”