There are many reasons to give, and many ways to practice charitable giving as an individual, a family, or as a corporation.

Learn why giving can be transformational; find your ideal way to give based on your vision, values, and financial goals.


We support organizations engaged in gift planning and endowments that adhere to the Stewardship Foundation credo.

Learn how we work with nonprofits and charities and what this could mean to your fund raising success.
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We can help you create stronger bonds with clients who seek giving plans aligned with life, liberty, and family values.

Professionals working with us are given direct access to a myriad of planning tools that we provide.
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The Stewardship Foundation

is a 501(c)(3) investment ministry, a public foundation providing charitable organizations legacy and endowment opportunities for gift planning.
Our strategic plan is aligned to be in support of the family, religious freedom, traditional marriage, and the protection of human life.

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  Donor stories, tax law updates, and carefully selected news and articles that affect the quality of family life and religious freedom in America.
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