The Stewardship Foundation supports charities that are aligned with The Stewardship Foundation’s credo. We understand that values are the driving force in a nonprofit; that the social mission trumps profit in the bottom line.

Nonprofits and charities often seek funding from multiple foundations with differing priorities and information about certain issues. Our niche mission is clear: to respect life, protect religious freedom, or promote causes centered on family values, education, social change and morality.

We work with estate planners, financial advisors, accountants and attorneys. Nonprofits and charities can benefit from our relationships within the charitable planning community.

We offer:

  • A cost-free resource for charitable planning
  • Donor motivation seminars and events
  • A philanthropic partner that embraces your mission and cause
  • Opportunities to meet colleagues and potential donors and clients

We make ourselves available to charities as donor motivation speakers, charitable advisors, and thought leaders in the areas where we excel. Our unique understanding of stewardship enables us to work with charities and donors on many levels with a positive message.

We are willing to formally share what we know about the causes we support with other foundations and funders. We believe that our success rests on our commitment, leadership, energy, enthusiasm and ideas that will emerge when we work together.


Giving USA 2014

Download the Highlights from the Giving USA 2014 Report.Giving2014 highlights