Save your Platform

In my last blog I wrote I was intrigued by the phrase, “We can Build It” that was prevalent during the Republican National Convention. So, to give equal inspirational opportunity to the Democrats, I cannot help but comment on what a TV commentator said during a report on the DNC’s party platform debacle. He correctly reported that party platforms developed at conventions are nowadays ignored and/or forgotten..

Reflecting on the seeming insignificance of the party platform through  the eyes of my responsibilities here at Stewardship Foundation, I was concerned whether our investors know how seriously we take the principles in which we believe! As the Executive Director of the Stewardship Foundation I wondered as I listened to the subsequent discussion, isn’t the platform an important structure upon which to build the party’s argument for election?  Doesn’t the platform express the vision and mission of the party?  And, isn’t the platform the outline of ideas expressing the party’s intent and action plan? Isn’t it what the Democrats ‘say’ that they believe?

While it is not my intent to contrast the principles of the two parties, I am compelled to notice that the RNC coverage focused on what they can build, whereas the TV coverage of the DNC was more about what they can disavow, dismantle, or ignore.  As the Executive Director of the Stewardship Foundation I want you to know that we encourage you to build your family legacy and express your values, mission, and vision.  We also encourage you to build your “platform”, which should support your values and vision.  Know that the platform that you entrust to the SF will not be ignored or forgotten, but rather it will be foundational in the investments and donations that we make on your behalf for generations to come.