Happy 2014 to all of our donors, investors, and partner organizations!

seven facesDecember 2013 was very busy for the Stewardship Foundation as we orchestrated almost two dozens donations through our various DAF’s and CRT’s which was music to the various partner organizations and charities that we benefited. Thank you to all our donors and investors who made positive impacts on the organizations we support!

As 2014 unfolds I know that you must continue to assess your financial situation. The decision you make will determine the levels of support we give to the charities we support. One area of concern that some donors will face involves rising estate tax exemptions. Therefore, I am including an article on this subject, which you can read in full from our website.

I highly recommend that our partner organizations pass this information on to their major donors.

For our partner organizations and charities if you have not read the The Seven Faces of Philanthropy: A New Approach to Cultivating Major Donors, then you should. The more you understand the type of donors you have, the better you can understand their motivations and their obstacles in giving. And of course, the Stewardship Foundation can assist you in this process.