When Political Correctness is Morally Wrong

America is in decline. We are obsessively committed to diversity, tolerance, compassion, and niceness. Political correctness has become a cancer on our society. We are afraid to voice our religious beliefs and defend the moral issues that are the very foundation of our Christian culture and heritage.

If we oppose same-sex marriage we lack compassion. If we oppose the celebrity status of Bruce Jenner’s one-upmanship on his Creator, we are bigots. If we want learning English to be mandatory for immigrants so they have a chance to succeed in America,
we are divisive. If we support our police officers, we are racists.

In a speech to the Department of Justice in 2009, Eric Holder referred to us as “nation of cowards” on race-related issues. Regardless of our opinion of the former Attorney General, we are cowards—in our discussions of racial tension,
homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, women’s rights, and the rest; the majority of us aren’t speaking out.

Where is the charity, chastity, duty, Godliness, honesty, honor, industriousness, respect for authority, work ethic, and self-reliance? They are here, but they are the new silent majority, standing alone in a cacophony of politically correct noise.

At the Stewardship Foundation, we are not afraid to stand up for what we believe. We courageously ask that if you want to contribute to the rebuilding of America’s backbone, stand up and speak out about your convictions—in your home, at work, in
the world, and with your investing. Please call us for a conversation about how your family or your organization can benefit from our pro-life and pro-family Morally Responsible Investing tools that screen out companies engaged in abortion, embryonic
stem cell research, and pornography. Together, we can make a difference.