The Greatest Pro-Life Story Ever Told

Bible stories, Tradition, and Christmas carols tell the story something like this:
Joseph leads a very pregnant Mary on a donkey into Bethlehem where he had trouble finding a room. An innkeeper suggests a vacant stable nearby, so they take up residence there. Jesus is born and Mary places Him in a hay-filled manger where he’s warmed by the breath of a cow and Mary’s donkey.

christmas crib figurinesLuke is the only evangelist that presents the story of Jesus’ birth. The Greek word he uses for the setting of Jesus’ birth is kataluma. In Luke 2:7 “kataluma” is translated as “inn” but the same word is used in Luke 22:11 for what seems to be a guest room. So it could have been that a hospitable innkeeper invited them to stay in his own house for several days or weeks and never mentioned his stable. I’d really like to believe it happened this way. But does “how” matter?

What does matter is that Christ was born as Isaiah 9:6 prophesied 700 years earlier when he proclaimed a “child is born to us, a son is given to us…and his name will be called Wonder Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

The birth of Christ is especially meaningful for the Stewardship Foundation. The birth of the Christ child is the greatest pro-life story ever told. Mary’s story is told each time the life of a young mother with an uncertain future is interrupted by an unexpected pregnancy. And whenever a hesitant young father, like Joseph, is unsure he really wants to get involved. They both said “yes” and changed the world for all mankind.

To all the pro-life supporters and pregnancy crises center volunteers and staff we have had the privilege to help train in 2016, and for all the donors whose generosity has helped fund these centers through the Stewardship Foundation, thank you. May everyone have a blessed Christmas.