A Bird in Hand

There’s a saying that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Generally, this means that we prefer a “sure thing” over uncertainty. In investing, there’s a theory called “bird in hand” that says investors prefer stock dividends over potential capital gains because capital gains are not a sure thing. The “bird in the hand” theory came from the argument that investors don’t care where their returns come from, they simply care that they are either high or safe returns.

Everyone with money to invest wants the safest yet highest possible returns. This is simply smart investing. What makes the Stewardship Foundation different is that the “bird in the hand” —safe financial investments — has an added component. We add the importance of appreciating the blessings of life through financial stewardship and charitable giving. 

We believe that this guiding force gives us and our clients a vision and purpose beyond the money. We offer advice that helps you grow in faith and keeps you accountable to biblical principles. The payoff goes beyond certainty of financial gain and security. It adds contentment, confidence and commitment to the greater good, and increases our wealth for the good of all.