Stewardship works!

Stewardship through philanthropy is a deep-rooted part of our culture and a tie that binds families and communities together.

Why give?

  1. We need to be good stewards of our estate while we are living
  2. Become more engaged in philanthropic goals that make the world a better place
  3. Utilize customized charitable options to meet your estate tax needs
  4. Optimize charitable gift deduction
  5. Preserve wealth for future generations
  6. Because deep inside, we want to leave a legacy and reward our soul

We offer many pathways for transformational giving…

  • Bequest — a gift of property or cash to an organization under a will
  • Donor Advised Fund — An easy-to-establish, low cost vehicle for charitable giving
  • Charitable Remainder Trust — an irrevocable transfer to assets to a trust that pays income during lifetime or at death
  • Gift Annuity Trust — a charitable donation that reduces taxation and provides a lifetime income stream
  • Charitable Lead Trust — a trust set up to provide yearly payments to a designated charity
  • Endowments — an invested fund owned by a charity used to support general or specific needs of the charity’s mission
  • Existing Funds — funds we recommend or are actively engaged in funding

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