Can Moral Reasoning Win the Day Against Legalized Abortion?

March for Life 2016By now you’ve no doubt read or watched the news report about a busload of more than 100 teenagers from Minnesota stranded on the Pennsylvania turnpike after attending the 2016 March for Life. On Saturday morning, they built an altar out of snow and organized a mass for 200 to 300 people from nearby buses. The mood of the teenagers was great. But the reality on the numbers of abortions still taking place in the U.S. can turn a good mood cloudy.

In a recent article from The Catholic Thing, Hadley Arkes, political scientist and professor of Jurisprudence at Amherst College, reflects on the 2016 March for Life and asks us to reconsider our assumptions about how to overturn Roe v. Wade by stirring again the capacity for moral reasoning found in the text of the Constitution. Read the article here.

Millennials: Hope for the Unborn?

Every year since 1973, pro-life demonstrators have boarded buses and sung themselves silly on the road to the U.S. Capital to join the March for Life. And for the first time in decades, there are signs of hope that Roe v. Wade won’t survive the millennial generation.

The March grew from a couple dozen protestors to hundreds of thousands pouring in from all 50 states and even other countries. Yet it didn’t seem to make a difference with lawmakers. However, advances in medicine and emerging technologies, like the Internet, that help educate youth is having a positive impact on young people. According to a recent USA Today article, millennials themselves are deciding that abortion should not be legal and identify themselves as pro-life.

This year marked the 28th annual conference for Students For Life of America. Attendance was high and demand so huge that the the SFLA had to schedule an extra day of the conference. Speaker Robert P. George, a law professor at Princeton University, applauded the dedication of pro-life leaders and honored the youth that are now seeing “the reality of the beautiful human life of the child in the womb.”

This leads me to share a story we ran across on the SFLA website. Let me just say that Ben (fictitious name) wandered by a “When Do Human Rights Begin?” display at a university in Iowa and asked the question all pro-lifers dread. What happened next is amazing—read the amazing witness ».