How Much More Can You Stand?

By Tim Welsh, President, Pregnancy Decision Health Center (PDHC), a Stewardship Foundation Partner Charity

We’ve always known of the atrocities of abortion. We mourn the loss of the children and the injury to their mothers. Abortion is a nasty, demonic practice that has resulted in so many deaths and so much anguish.
Now comes the video of Planned Parenthood Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing the sale of dead babies and their body parts. If you have the stomach for it, you can view the video.

This is neither surprising nor unpredictable. Consider these facts. Since 1973, when abortion was made legal in all the United States, there have been more than 55,000,000 performed. That’s more than 3,500 childrens’ lives ended every day for the last 42 years. Planned Parenthood, America’s most prolific abortion provider, performs about 330,000 abortions per year and receives more than $360,000,000 in government grants and contracts each year.

Again, have you had enough yet?

PDHC operates 7 centers in central Ohio, ministering to women who have suffered through the abortion experience and helping young mothers change their lives when they have no one else to help. We operate on a razor thin budget and are dedicated to saving every one of the mothers and children who are being lured into the evil of the abortion trade.

I know that there are many worthwhile charities out there. I know that they do good work in the community. But, folks, children are being killed! 3,500 a day are losing their lives! More than the number of lives lost in the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers that changed America forever. Are these lives no less important? Please support our work here by clicking the donate link below and being as generous as your funds allow. Now is the time to stand against the evil. Now is the time to say enough is enough.
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Turned 70-1/2 last year?

Charities are still reeling from the economic downturn of the few years. Frankly, many of them are hurting. But if you are at least 6 months over 70 years old and you’re required to take more from your IRA than you need, then you can make one of these charities’ life a bit brighter. But you have to hurry.

IRS deadline loomsThe Feds recently enacted tax legislation to allow a distribution to charity from any traditional or Roth IRA up to a maximum of $100,000 per donor. The distribution has to be made directly from your IRA to the charity, so you won’t have that warm fuzzy from penning the paper, but you’ll still be doing a world of good.

There’s some fine print in this deal that ends February 1, 2013, so if you want to take advantage of this distribution to charity we can advise how to do it correctly and help you contact your IRA custodian or representative to arrange for the proper transfer of funds.

If you qualify, and want to make a move now, we encourage you to learn more about the charities that uphold the values shared by the Stewardship Foundation – those that are catalysts for positive, life-affirming change in our communities.

We will work with your tax advisor, attorney and financial advisor to determine if this is the right financial move for you now – but time is running out. Contact Joe Finneran or Patrick Finneran to start the conversation today.