Why the Manhattan Declaration…

Although the Stewardship Foundation has been in existence since 1990, (You can read about our history: www.stewardshipworks.org), Joe Finneran and I decided to shift the foundation’s focus because we were inspired by the Manhattan Declaration. read the Manhattan Declaration This declaration is a statement of belief of course, but is also a challenge issued by Roman Catholic and Protestant pastors to embrace what we share; oppose what we know that violates our Judeo-Christian heritage; and put at God’s disposal what He has given to his people.

Too often people focus on what divides us and too often people embrace relativism and inaction.  Consequently ministries are dying on the vine because they are not replenished with the necessary resources even though those resources are available through existing and future donations.

The SF is an ecumenical, Christian-based foundation that works with all faiths that promote respect for human life from conception to natural death, honor traditional families that encourage the full development of men, women, and children who are created in God’s image; and that safe guard religious freedom as a means to embrace our Creator God, our Savior Jesus Christ, and the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we understand them.

Jesus said “For whoever is not against us is for us.” (Mark 9:40) We believe the Manhattan Declaration enables us to see that there are more people for us and our cause than are against us.  We at the Stewardship Foundation seek to be inclusive and unite those who are not against us.  Our challenge is to build on that which we share and encourage those who share our mission to financially support those ministries in the trenches furthering the kingdom of God here on earth.

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