Who are Joe Finneran and Jim Kebe?

Joe Finneran and I have known each other for almost twenty years during which times we have discussed, prayed about, and challenged each other and our families to live the principles that have come to guide the Stewardship Foundation.  Joe is a certified financial planner with almost thirty years of experience in planned giving practices.  Joe has always been intrigued by the motivations behind one’s investing practices while simultaneously has been challenged by the directive of Jesus to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s but give to God what is God’s”.

Too often that directive has been completely ignored, or muted enough that people have no clear sense of how much of what they have actually belongs to God.  Therefore, Joe believes the Stewardship Foundation is responsible to ask those who have how much should they give back to God. Joe further understands that fear is one factor that hinders some from giving God his just due.

Consequently, Joe’s philosophy in managing his clients’ money is to enlighten them about their charge to give back to God, and to educate them on the most beneficial way they can manage their assets.  Joe believes one’s first responsibility is to his or her family and, when Joe addresses this concern, he finds one more willing and able to give back to God that which rightly belongs to Him.

I have been working with church ministries and non-profits since 2000 and I am continually inspired by those who work in these areas.  Those who work in charities and non-profits usually have an unparalleled passion and zeal for their ministries and the people they serve.

Most of these executive directors and staff works are motivated by service rather than financial rewards, but their services a dependent upon donations.  Characteristically, however, their ability to serve and further their respective ministries is not matched in their fundraising efforts.  Most non-profit directors and workers do not like to fund raise and they find their ministries struggling to meet their needs month to month.

The Stewardship Foundation wants to assist ministries and non-profits in their fundraising endeavors. A reality not often understood by non-profit fundraisers is that 80-90% of their potential donor’s assets are not in cash. Yet, most fundraising efforts by non-profits focus on cash assets only.  As a result, non-profits limit themselves to only 10-20% of their donor’s potential giving pool.

The Stewardship Foundation enables non-profits to explore receiving from a greater donor resource.  And donors appreciate knowing how they might utilize their assets better thus making more money available to their favorite non-profits.

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